View Synthesis | Radiance Fields

NeRFs and Gaussian Splatting

Image Revolutions

This antique device at the Deutsches Museum in Munich was originally used for converting photographs for print publications.

Truly an inspiring subject for evaluating the potential of view synthesis methodologies, in particular 3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS), for immersive and interactive exhibition experiences.

With kind support from the Deutsches Museum, and special thanks to Dromni GmbH for making this happen.


Accurate and photorealistic
3d reconstructions

Photogrammetry | View Synthesis

3d-scanning using a broad scope of capturing approaches, such as aerial (i.e. UAV/ drones) and terrestrial (i.e. multi-camera rigs)

LIDAR/ laser-scan integration and fully color-managed workflow

Cultural Heritage, Building documentation

As-built-monitoring, Urban Planning, 3d-environments for virtual production


Interactive scenes



Cultural Heritage | As-built documentation

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