Quarry clay rendering



The UAV flight took place at cloudy skies in order to create neutral textures for further visualization.

The very detailed mesh consists of 90 million polygons, the textures are over 40K in total and were divided into separate 8k textures.

Gasteig 3d reconstruction

Gasteig Munich

This is a detailed 3D reconstruction of the existing architecture of the culture, education and congress center Munich.
The photogrammetric reconstruction of the as-built architecture can be useful if CAD files are not available or are not suitable for visualization tasks.

Exeter City overview textured

University Exeter

In this project, more than 250 campus buildings of the University of Exeter were reconstructed.
Relevant 3D building features (based on aerial and ground photographs) were manually referenced photogrammetrically in the individual images. The determined 3D coordinates served as the basis for the polygon modelling and texturing of the buildings in 3dsMax.

This form of “manual” close-range photogrammetry offers decisive efficiency advantages over structure-from-motion (Sfm) / dense stereo-matching methods in very large urban environments.

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