Cultural heritage


Photogrammetric building documentation of the 4 facades based on UAV and ground images.

Mariahilf church | Munich

Highly detailed orthophotos of the 4 main pages were created in order to assist restoration work on the brick façade.

  • 5,500 detailed photos
  • the images have been catalogued for easy allocation
  • 4 orthophotos with a resolution of 5 mm

Church pulpit Vilseck

After a fire damage in 2013, the pulpit of the Vilseck church was almost completely destroyed.
Our task was to derive the geometry of the pulpit from earlier photographs. The resulting 3D CAD model served as a template for the faithful replica of the pulpit.

Church tower St. Martin octocopter view

Church tower St. Martin | Landshut

The tower was documented with 2,200 images using UAVs to determine facade damage.

The results were 8 high-resolution (27,000px height, 0.5cm / pixel) georeferenced orthoimages together with an online image database (all images were classified for efficient allocation).

Overview from an Octocopter

Castle ruin Donaustauf

Georeferenced, textured 3d-Modell and terrain orthofoto of the castle ruin.

Further projects

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