Exeter City overview textured


Exeter City overview textured

University of Exeter

We 3d-reconstructed roughly 250+ campus buildings of the University of Exeter campus.
This involved manually assigning relevant 3d building features (based on aerial and ground images) and geo-referencing them in order to create an accurate 3d-representation of the campus.

Gasteig 3d reconstruction

Gasteig Munich

This is a detailed 3d-reconstruction of the existing architecture of Munich’s Cultural, Education and Convention Centre.
The manual reconstruction of as-built architecture can come in useful if CAD-files are not available or if they aren’t sufficient for visualization tasks.

Cultural Heritage

Overview from an Octocopter

Castle Ruin Donaustauf

The 3d reconstruction of this castle ruin was a very challenging task:

  • Located on a steep hill, direct access is limited (i.e. for employing large lifting platforms)
  • The topology has huge height deviations which prohibits the efficient use of 3d laser scanners
  • We therefore used a combination of aerial (octocopter), high-mast and ground images for the 3d reconstruction
Church tower St. Martin octocopter view

Church Tower Landshut

This is the highest church brick-tower in the world (130m).
We documented the entire tower with 2.200 images using UAVs in order to pin-point building damages.

The deliverables were 8 high-res (27.000px height / 0.5cm resolution) geo-referenced orthoimages together with an online image database (with all source images meta-tagged for efficient classification).

Quarry clay rendering


Quarry excavator clay model

HDRI Environments

We have optimized our environments for popular 3d visualzation applications such as KeyShot and VRED.
The scenes use HDR environment maps for realistic product renderings.

Photogrammetric 3d reconstructions of indoor and outdoor scenes

3d Environments

Detailed photogrammetric 3d-reconstructions based on dense stereo-matching / structure from motion, i.e. for renderings and Virtual / Augmented Reality.

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